Year 10 Mocks

Welcome, Year 10!

Your mock exams are coming up soon – make a note of the dates:

Wednesday 19th June: Literature Paper 1
You will be assessed on Much Ado About Nothing and A Christmas Carol.

Do note that the exam paper will include all the questions for all the possible texts — but you should only answer one from each section!

You will get an extract and a question. Remember, you need to talk about the extract and the text as a whole!

You will be assessed on:
AO1 — your understanding, inferences and references (including quotes)
AO2 — your analysis of language, structure and form (what methods the writer uses, what the effects are, and how these effects are created)
AO3 — relevant context: what social/political events inspired the author, how the audience at the time might react, and what a modern audience needs to understand about the historical background to fully understand the text)

Monday 24th June: Language Paper 1
You will be assessed on your ability to read and analyse fiction texts, as well as your ability to write either a description or a narrative (story).

You can find more information here.

How to revise:

Read through this booklet for Language Paper 1, and then try the practice questions.
Learn a bank of ambitious vocabulary. Start with 5 at a time, and gradually add more in.

You can use SparkNotes, Shmoop and BBC Bitesize (AQA) to revise the Literature texts.
Here is a useful workbook for Much Ado.
Make sure you know the plot, as well as characters and themes. You can do this using a revision clock, or creating spider diagrams of all the information you can remember.

Don’t forget about Seneca and your CGP guides!