Revision Resources

Welcome back! Many of you have made a fantastic start to the term – well done!

Year 11: Here’s a fantastic blog on Question 4 that you can use to practise further.

Year 10 and 11: You can access more poetry resources here and Mr Bruff’s videos may also be useful.

The first three people to come to me on Monday and explain the effect of the rhythm in The Charge of the Light Brigade will win a bag of sweets!



Writing Competition!

We’re very excited to announce the first GPUTC writing competition!

It’s open to students of all year groups, and you can submit any format or genre of writing. Showcase your best work!

Deadline: Friday January 18th

What can I submit?

Stories (or parts of stories); essays; reviews; poetry; articles; blogs… any format you like!

You can write on any genre or topic (with reason: keep it college-age appropriate).

No more than 3,500 words per submission, and a maximum of two submissions per person.

How do I submit?

Email Lex Avis via your college email account.

Your submission should be as a Word document — please do not put your name on the document, as they will be judged without names for fairness.

Who are the judges?

Lex Avis, David Bisley, Steve Coleby, Anne-Marie Wilson, Karen Hancock-Brewer, Richard Green, Debbie Lenton and Zahid Akbar.

What are the judges looking for?

“Passion, consideration and effort! A sense that you care about your writing and what you’re writing.” – Lex

“Where passion and enthusiasm emanates from the page like the crescendo at the Bellagio!” – Steve

“I am impressed by writing that uses good Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation, also good use of the whole Lexicon of English words that are available.” – Richard

How to use this site

This site is for youIt’s packed full of tips, hints and resources to help you do your absolute best in your English GCSEs.

Girl Work Notebook Computer Operator Woman DesignClick through the menu for an overview of each unit and links to useful resources. You can also go directly to the SharePoint by clicking here.

Check back regularly for updates on resources, revision tips and advice, information on revision sessions and mini-competitions!

And don’t forget, you can ask any English teacher for help!